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Situated in the southeast region of Jiangsu Province, Wuxi is located about 183 km away from Nanjing and 128 km from Shanghai. Divided by Lake Taihu into halves, Wuxi is an old industrial city of the province. Bordering Changzhou from the western side and Suzhou in the east, Wuxi because of its new modern outlook has been said as "Little Shanghai". Originally a mining town, Wuxi developed itself as a major tourist spot of the lower Yangtze Delta housing both natural and man-made attractions. Lake Tai, Yuantou Zhu, Taihu Xiandao, Xi Shan, The Great Canal and Xihui Park are the major attractions of this city. Also known as 'homeland of fish and rice', one must taste Wuxi-style spareribs, sweetened pork mini buns and oil gluten the famous local dishes of Wuxi. The city also offers excellent accommodation facilities for the travelers. You can opt from varied choice of hotels ranging from luxury to comfortable budget hotels according to your need and budget. AsiaRooms offers fast, secure and money saving option for reservation of Hotels in Wuxi along with other hotels of China.
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