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Xiamen, a coastal tourist city of Fujian Province of China is located at the southeast shore of the country. Bordering with Quanzhou and Zhangzhou from northern and southern sides respectively, Xiamen is mainly famous among the tourist for its eye-catching seascape. A typical sub-tropical city, Xiamen boasts ample of tourist attractions like temples, parks, islands, and shopping areas. Piano Island or Gulangyu is a famous relaxing gateway of the city. Inspite of this, Xiamen Botanical Garden, Nanputuo Temple, Zhongshan Road, and Xiahe Road are some of the main attractive features of Xiamen. With distinct oriental culture and features of southern Fujian, Xiamen city also offers world-class accommodation facilities for the travelers. You will find luxury, business as well as budget hotels according to your need and desire at ease. Hotels in Xiamen will not only offer the comfortable staying facilities but also provide world-class hospitality. AsiaRooms provides online reservation service for hotels of Xiamen as well as for other hotels of China and the prices offered are the best in the industry.
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