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19 Most Exquisite-Looking Travel Journals

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If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your travel buddies, look no further than these exquisite travel journals, that are as much about their touch, smell and feel as documenting those important travel memories.


8 Best Ways to Celebrate Christmas 2015

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Hooray, hooray, 25th December falls on a Friday! That’s right, folks. Christmas in 2015 marks the last of ten long weekends in Singapore. Find out more.

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2015 Long Weekends One-Stop Guide

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Great news for everyone in Singapore – there’ll be 10 long weekends in the coming year! If you need ideas on where to go in 2015, this guide by is just the thing for you.


Why You Shouldn’t Miss St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2015

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Yes folks, we’ve got some exciting news for you! St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival is coming back to Singapore on 24th January 2015 featuring some of the world’s biggest names in indie music!

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10 Best Beachfront Hotels in Asia

Posted to Blog by showcases 10 hotels that boast the best beachfront locations in Asia.


Personality Quiz: Who Should You Travel With?

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We all know it’s tough to find a good travel buddy. Take our personality quiz and find out who to seek out and who to avoid!

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7 Best Places for Deepavali Long Weekend 2015

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If you’ve not already heard, Singapore is due for seven long weekends in 2015 – ten if you take two Fridays and a Monday off. For Deepavali, here are the best places to travel to in November:


ZoukOut 2014 Singapore; First Light

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ZoukOut celebrates 14 years of dance, music and brilliance as Asia’s and the world’s only sunrise beach festival, so it’s time to party hard!

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