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How to Avoid Scams in Bali

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The land of gods is an amazing island. The huge waves, mystical temples and cheery Balinese people come together to create a magical experience for any visitor. Unfortunately, travellers are sometimes so taken by the island charm, they fall prey to common scams – and fraudsters are a dime a dozen in Bali.


Design Film Festival 2014 Singapore

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A Design Film Festival Singapore returns for another exciting year to bring touches of design, fashion, architecture, photography, motion graphics and technology to a screen near you. This year’s 12 films will be showcased, six of which will be making their Asian premieres.

The annual Hotel Awards are back for the second round this year! Hotel Awards 2014

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Calling all hoteliers, hotel connoisseurs and folks eager to plan a hotel stay. The annual Hotel Awards is back!

Best local beers in South East Asia

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Trying local cuisines is always a priority on my list when visiting new countries. And going hand in hand with this is sampling the local drinks — alcoholic drinks that is.


How to Avoid Jet Lag

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The team here at Community and our well-travelled guest writers put together our personal tips on how to avoid jet lag.


Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncake Fix

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Mid-autumn festival is just around the block, and with that comes a mind-boggling assortment of mooncakes. From alcoholics to tea fiends, from durian lovers to traditionalists, we got you covered.


Tubs and Pools You’d Love to Soak In

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There is just something about relaxing in a pool or soaking in a bathtub that washes all our worries away. No matter mortal or mermaid, you have to check these beautiful hotels off your bucket list!

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7 Best Places to Countdown for New Year 2015

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In keeping with planning Singapore’s long weekends for 2015, editor Wan Phing Lim plans the first of ten – celebrating New Year’s Eve in seven of the world’s best cities.

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