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View of Forbidden City from Tianmen Square

Beijing, China

Beijing is a dynamic and modern city at the heart of China’s growing economy, with a rich culture and heritage steeped in history.

Located in the north east, Beijing, which means ‘northern capital’, is a city of ancient and modern where avant-garde architecture contrasts with traditional hutong alleyways all across the city.

Beijing is the second largest city in China after Shanghai with over 22 million inhabitants in its municipality. As the capital of China, it is the country’s political, educational and cultural centre.

The city’s culture is rich and steeped in history, as it has lent its name to cultural attractions like the Beijing opera, famed for its elaborate costumes, face painting and traditional music said to have inspired martial arts and acrobatics. Beijing is also famous for its cuisine, from the world-renown Peking duck to delicious dumplings.

Beijing was once a prominent trading hub in the 11th century, and became the capital of various Chinese dynasties such as the Ming and Qing dynasties. The city’s history dates back to 500,000 BC with the discovery of the Peking Man, even though early records of human settlement went back as far as 1045 BC.

Today, Beijing continues to attract visitors worldwide who come to see The Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven, all great wonders of architectural landmark.

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