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Busan, South Korea

Busan is South Korea’s second largest city, famous for its beach resorts, hot springs and nature reserves while maintaining its position as world’s fifth largest container port.

Located on the southeastern tip in Gyeongnam province on the Korea Strait across from Japan, Busan is South Korea’s largest port and the world’s fifth largest.

As a port city, Busan has a truly international feel. A fantastic place with good beaches, excellent nightlife and a friendly nature, its population of close to 4 million inhabitants is what makes it a popular tourist attraction both with locals and foreigners.

Busan’s top attractions are lined along its coast. Haeundae is a busy stretch filled with five-star resorts, and also famous as South Korea’s most popular beach. In October every year, it attracts festival goers who come for the Busan International Film Festival, and is very popular with young local crowds.

Busan is also not without its history. What started out as a small fishing village soon became an international trading port thanks to its strategic location across the strait from Japan, which helped to propel its shipping and trading economy.

To take a further look into South Korea’s fascinating history, visit Busan Museum which has artefacts from the Neolithic era to modern day developments. Just outside is the UN Cemetery, where thousands of fallen troops who perished during the Korean War are buried.

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