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Dawn at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan


Taiwan is an island located off China’s southeast coast, with densely forested mountains and jaw-dropping coastlines of unparalelled beauty.

Located on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean with Philippines to the south and Japan to the north, Taiwan has a breathtaking landscape consisting of oversized sea cliffs, majestic peaks, rolling hills and forest railways.

Described as a “Chinese landscape painting come to life”, it is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. With the largest number of natural hotsprings outside Japan, it is no wonder that Taiwan is gaining a reputation for health and sustainability tourism.

As an island shaped like a sweet potato, Taiwan’s coasts stretch for thousands of kilometres along the western edge of the Pacific “Rim of Fire”, which has contributed to its majestic landscapes, fertile soil and diverse wildlife like the land-locked salmon, blue magpie, Formosan black bear and more.

Formally known as the Republic of China (ROC) and with a population of 23 million, Taiwan has a fascinating culture. There are museums filled with imperial treasures from China’s dynasties, a thriving folk culture and indigenours art from a large aboriginal population of the Austronesian group.

In 1544, a Portuguese ship arrived and called Taiwan Ilha Formosa, which means ‘Beautiful Island’. Indeed, its colourful history as a prosperous trading port along with its natural beauty makes Taiwan an amazing place to visit.

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