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Taipei is the largest city in Taiwan and obviously an important tourist spot. Manifold attractions in the city entice travelers to visit here again and again. From high rise buildings to famous museums to temples to parks- everything in Taipei is truly enchanting. Some of the important sights in the city are Taipei 101, The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, The National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall, The National Palace Museum, Taipei Film House, Longshan Temple, Da-An Forest Park, and various hot springs. A number of festivals in the city are quite enthralling too. Some of the famous festivals in Taipei are The Golden Horse Chinese Language Film Festival, The Lantern Festival, just to name a few. Taipei is the home of a myriad range of hotels. The hotels in Taipei can provide accommodation to all sorts of travelers. With AsiaRooms, you will come to know more about the hotels in Taipei. Besides, with our online hotel reservation process, you can easily reserve any hotel in Taiwan at a discounted rate. So, log on to AsiaRooms and find the best hotel in Taipei within a few minutes.